Just like Obama, this candidate is a former senator who has never run a business, governed a state, or held a significant job in the private sector. Just like Obama, this candidate, while running for president, tries to blur his true roots (Obama: problematic family background, far-left liberal associations, claiming to be a centrist Democrat) (this candidate: his highly educated professional father and mother as well as his and his wife’s own professional educations, claiming to be from a poor, coal-miner family).

Of course, I am referring to candidate Rick Santorum. He certainly is no more a true conservative than Newt or Mitt; as Ron Paul says: “Santorum is a fake.” Even Ronald Reagan (largest tax hike in CA history, nation’s most liberal abortion laws, doubled state’s budget over his eight years, immigration amnesty) could not survive the conservative chops being put on Romney. In his speeches Santorum claims Romney has no core beliefs.

Without doubt, Santorum has core beliefs: as a political animal. Why, even as Mitt Romney’s delegate count becomes insurmountable, does Rick Santorum persist in the race? In my opinion, Santorum is trying to discredit Romney so seriously that he loses to Obama in November. That would leave a clear field for Santorum (in his mind) to run for president in 2016, instead of having to run against an incumbent Republican president. Once you go beyond his conservative social values, Rick Santorum’s driving force is power.